The Cannabis Workshop For Practitioners

A Workshop And A Program All-In-One
Live Online Plus Recorded Material
March 29th, 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST/9:00 am - 12:30 pm PST

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 What Are We Supposed To Do With Cannabis?

More Importantly, What Is The Endocannabinoid System
And Why Is It So Important to Our Health?
Recommending Cannabis is not in our scope of practice. 

But clients will be either doing cannabis medicinally or recreationally. Maybe they are interested in trying it medicinally and want your opinion. It's a hot topic.
What do you do?
You may be confused as to what you can and cannot say. More importantly, maybe you’re not be sure how you feel about their using cannabis.
We are in a strange predicament – how do we legally handle this situation. 
Where does cannabis fit in a holistic natural lifestyle? 
Or does it even belong?
Understanding the endocannabinoid system will help you decide.

Join Lorene Sauro, RHN for this practical educational workshop 
- Includes 3 1/2 hours live on June 2nd with demos and discussion 
- Plus recorded educational videos and handout materials to give to clients 
The Is A Conversation We Need To Have
Cannabis is not going to go away. It's becoming legal for recreational use in more places. And it's been available medicinally for quite some time.

It is a plant and we recommend plants but it's also a drug. And we don't recommend drugs.

But what if it might help a client when nothing else has? Is that ever the case and if it is, what do we do? What's the best way to educate clients while staying within scope of practice?

And more importantly, are there alternatives to cannabis that help the 
endocannabinoid systems function optimally

We'll Discuss This and More...
Here's What You'll Learn
  • The  Body's Endocannabinoid System
  • CBD vs THC vs Hemp Oil Extract: What’s the difference and which is best?
  •  What Does The Research Say?
  • Side Effects and Benefits
  •  Fertility, Pregnancy, Breast Feeding and Cannabis
  • Edibles: Is This The Best Form?
  •  Herbal Oils: How to Infuse Butter or Coconut oil with Herbs (not just cannabis)
  • Best Alternatives to Cannabis
  • What We Can And Should Do Legally
  •  How To Assess If Clients Are Using Cannabis Correctly (Medicinally)
  • How To Support The Endocannabinoid System Without Cannabis
NEW! Medications and the Endocannabinoid System 
NEW! New connections of the Endocannabinoid System With The Gut
Here's What It Includes 
 - 3 1/2 Hour  Live Demo and Discussion - offline and online (it will be recorded)
 - Legal Waiver
 - Handouts For Clients (with legal disclaimer)
 - Recipes (so you know if clients are creating edibles correctly and specifically-  designed recipes for supporting the endocannabinoid system without cannabis) 
 - Education Videos (3 hours+ content)
 - Everything you need to be prepared for clients, their questions and their issues
- 7 hours of CEUs for upgrading with quiz for online to verify listening

Live workshop starts at 12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PST,  March 29th(online)

Offline Workshop
Online Workshop 

Not Available at this time

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"When I listen to the information about cannabis, I can see why clients can be confused. And if clients are confused, then we have to help. I've read the research and understand the dilemma. This is a discussion we have to have so please join me and get all the tools you need to help your clients with this complicated topic
"I attended Lorene’s first Cannabis Workshop and I loved it!  I’ve found that there is a lot of interest from the public about marijuana and I am now confident in sharing information and resources with my clients that answers their questions.  Lorene really digs deep for quality research we can trust. There is so much noise online about various health trends, and Lorene cuts through it all and gives her students clarity.  Thank you Lorene!"

 - Kim Banting, RHN 

"Lorene is such a wealth of knowledge. Her neutral, informative, evidence based approach gives practitioners exactly the information they need to serve their clients the best. Her Cannabis workshop is no different. I feel much more confident in understanding the role it can play in helping clients and how it fits into our scope". 

- Danielle Senkerik, CHNC
"I have taken several of Lorene’s workshops, both live and online, and she never disappoints!  What impresses me the most is her willingness to continually dig deep into the latest research to understand the science behind food and holistic health practices.  And then she distills this down and skillfully presents it so that as practitioners we have a clear grasp of the subject matter, and can in turn then educate and advise our clients with sound, fact based information and protocols. Lorene’s Cannabis Workshop is a great example of this: clear explanations of this natural and important biological system, that cut through the myth and disinformation; plus guidance on the conversations we can have with our clients that stay within our scope of practice.  Highly recommended!" 
- Peg McPhedran, RHN
 "I love attending Lorene's workshops and was not sure how much I would get out of a Cannabis workshop. 
Well it turned out to have a major impact on me.  The research of Cannabis and CBD is so new and there is a lot of confusion and Lorene does such a great job of making sense of what it all means.  The workshop taught me about a whole new body system I did not even know it existed - it was not taught in school - our endocannabiod system. Now I am reading about it everywhere.  Heard it first from Lorene!  Fascinating and priceless information.  Lorene is always on the forefront of new research and she breaks it down so it makes sense. Definitely my favourite workshop so far!"
- Caryl Ayearst, RHN
“When it comes to Cannabis there is a lot of controversy. Personally, I was not interested to know anything about cannabis. I read about its medical use and positive effects on pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety, but this was pretty much it. When I heard about the Cannabis workshop, I hold my stance: not interested to work with this substance. But it didn’t take too much to realize that Lorene was right when saying that, as nutritionists, we have to be informed and know how to approach a client who was using cannabis. My big revelation was that there is an endocannabinoid system in our body that we can boost with many foods. An extremely informative workshop, with recipes and materials to use for our clients, that is well worth attending! I am very grateful to Lorene for opening my eyes on this topic!”
- Mirela Cojoaca, RHN
 "Lorene Sauro’s workshops are a lot of fun, informative. Her educational information is thoroughly researched and always allows me to help my clients more effectively.”  And the handouts and materials she provide for clients are always professional and beautifully designed. Thank you, Lorene for providing such valuable information". 

- Marina Silverio, RHN

"When Lorene told me she was having this workshop, I said "Perfect" as I know she's the best person to present the information accurately. This is a topic we need to understand so we can make sure we provide our clients with the best information. She understands the legal aspect of our scope of practice better than anyone else and she's the best at digging through the research to present the most useful information. This is a workshop our profession needs!" 

- Lori Kennedy, RHN
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