Can I Help You? 

It's Easy To Get Stuck...

And sometimes all you need is someone 
to help you sort it out 

Here's a special opportunity to get 
specific solutions where you need them
No one told us we'd have to figure out everything by ourselves 

You learn to do everything you're told, in order 
to be a wellness professional

But as you proceed with your profession, you keep finding you have questions

And you spend a lot of time looking for answers

So what kind of help do you want?

Here's How I Can Help You:

1. You have ideas for your business but you’re not sure which to pursue or how to create the best path

2. You have a personal health issue, and since you’re a practitioner, you just need someone to talk it through with you, to see if there’s something you've missed.

3. One of your clients is particularly difficult and you need some help sorting out what to do and how to do it.

4. You have a business but you’ve hit a stumbling block and aren't sure how to move forward

5. Or maybe you want some help narrowing your specialty or understanding all you need to have for that specialty ( or finding one in the first place)

6. You need help writing a proposal for an opportunity that has come your way or for the one you wish to create

7. Perhaps you have an idea for a product you wish to make or manufacture and need to know how that works in the health industry  

8. Or you’re trying to develop a recipe or product and need some professional expertise to help

9. Maybe you want someone to go over your copy for an email or sales page or other materials you’re creating

10. Maybe you need to go over some of the legal or scope of practice issues you’re not certain about

11. Perhaps you have some confusion about some of the health information that's circulating and you want to have a better understanding.

12. It could be a combination of any of these – you just need someone with knowledge and experience to help you

All Of This Is Available To You Now When You 
Book A 1-hour Appointment

#1 Problem For Most Wellness Professionals?

  Too many things you must do well with not enough help or time to do it.
Coaching and mentoring can be expensive.

For it to work, you have to have a good sense of yourself and your goals. I can help you sort that out before you spend a lot of money – you may have knowledge or skills you don’t realize have value.

This is not just about business. It’s also about clients – sometimes we have more to offer them than we realize.

Brainstorming with someone with years of experience in the wellness world can help save you hours of time, money and frustration.

How did I learn so much?

The hard way - and you don't want to do what I did, to learn what I know. And you don't want to take as long to learn it as I did.

Hi I’m Lorene Sauro, RHN. I've been 20+ years in the wellness industry(even longer in the food industry) and I've pretty much done it all: Seen clients, learned what I needed for online, worked with big corporations and small businesses, researched nutrition, learn all aspects of legalities and professionalism, create recipes and manufactured them, done contract work, written a book, learned to copywrite and teach all kinds or programs and courses. I can help you.
Think about this... 

In order to achieve your goals, you need to fit a lot of puzzle pieces together.

Sometimes you just need someone to help you put it together or get clarity for specific steps.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.
Booking An Appointment
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2. Pick The Available Time Slot That Works For You

3. Write A Short Paragraph To Let Me Know What We Will be Discussing

4. Make Your Payment

That's  It And We Meet Online To Find Solutions For You

$150 / hour

"Lorene always provides a vast amount of knowledge in an easily digestible way.  The information that Lorene provides have been life changing for me and  many of my clients, making my time with her invaluable!   My practice has absolutely bloomed! Thank you Lorene."   
- Jennifer Lloyd, RHN, CHHC 

 "Lorene is an amazing resource for all wellness professionals! Not only is she a wealth of experience and knowledge – but she thoughtfully and generously shares her wisdom with everyone in her community to help us get in touch with our purpose and reach our goals. I really wish she had been available to me when I first graduated 7 1/2 years ago!!" 
- Glenda Britton, RHN
What impresses me the most about Lorene is her willingness to continually dig deep into the latest research to understand what we need for our profession. And then she distills this down and skillfully presents it so that as practitioners, we have a clear grasp of the subject matter, and can in turn then educate and advise our clients with sound, fact-based information and protocols.  I highly recommend working with her!"  - Peg McPhedran, RHN 
 "Lorene is such a wealth of knowledge. Her neutral, informative, evidence-based approach gives practitioners exactly the information they need to serve their clients the best.  I feel much more confident in understanding the role it can play in helping clients and how it fits into our scope".  
- Danielle Senkerik, CHNC 
"Lorene has been an invaluable mentor and teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her. She is always available and active in her support and the best resource to help me better serve my clients." 
- Joanne Lapierre, RHN
 “Lorene has had a profound effect on the way that I deal with clients in practice. She always provides practical business, marketing and client strategies and can assist with program development to aid practitioners in achieving their goals. I highly recommend to practitioners of all levels and experience.”
 - Cathy Biase BSc., RHN, CPCC  
“Lorene has helped me personally and professionally. I have been able to bring the philosophy of using my words to my clients and it has helped me help them far more effectively. The support she provides has been be so useful to my clients. It's saved me hours of time. Thanks Lorene! You’re a rare gem”  
- Marina Silverio, RHN  
“Lorene has been my go-to person for nutrition information since I was a student. She is a trusted colleague and we have worked together on numerous projects and programs. I am always amazed at the information she has roaming around in her head. She is a lot of fun and truly supportive to everyone she works with". 
- Lori Kennedy, RHN  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Full refund is available if cancellation occurs at least 48 hours before. Other arrangements can be made for emergencies.

2. What if I need more than one hour?

Two hours can be booked in a row but it has to be done separately. Book one hour and then go back book the next hour.

3. How are the appointments held?

Via Zoom. A link is included in the confirmation email. When you use the link, you will go into the waiting room so no need to worry about joining into someone else's appointment or having some join yours.

4. Do I need to bring anything?

It depends on what you wish to discuss. You'll be able to share the screen and show me items. If we are working on something like writing for a document, we can do it during the appointment. 

5. Anything else I need to know?

A lot can be accomplished in an hour but it will depend on how prepared you are. Be sure to have your questions or materials organized and ready.

6. What if I  just have random ideas I want to discuss?

That's fine. I can keep a brainstorming session organized and on track for you.

8. Is there ongoing support?

Yes, I can be emailed for quick questions. This can help you use the information in the session even more.

9: Would it make sense to plan more than one appointment?

It depends on you and what you want and need. Generally, it's best to go one step at a time, making and executing what is discussed during the appointment. Another one can be scheduled if and when needed.

10. What if what I want to cover is too much for one hour?

Prioritize what is most important so that if everything can't be covered, then the most important things are covered, for sure. The goal should always be to focus on what's going to move you forward now.