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I'll Show How To Use My Simple Strategies For Online Workshops 

 Do you have any of these thoughts weighing on your mind? 

I have an online program but I’m not making enough money yet

I’m new to this and don’t know where to start

I have my strategy and package for my one-on-one clients, but sometimes it’s too much money or time for people who want to see me right now

I’m still struggling to figure out what my online program is going to be

I can’t seem to narrow my focus for a niche

I don't want to choose a niche right now - I'm tired of thinking about it

Sometimes I feel pidgeonholed by my niche and would like to try some other things without scrapping what I have now

I want to increase my ability to reach more people beyond my physical location and don’t want to spend a lot of money to do it

I want to explore some offshoots for my program that I think would further help my clients

I’m looking for other options to offer my existing clients

I have a lot of materials but not sure what to do with them

I’ve been asked to provide informational talks for a practitioner I work with, but they don't fit my existing materials

 Online Workshops Offer Answers For All These Issues…

Hello. I’m Lorene Sauro, RHN. As a registered holistic nutritionist, I’ve hosted successful online and offline events, workshops and courses for 10 years. 

But I haven't forgotten the struggles I experienced when I started in the wellness industry 20 years ago and all the things I tried, not knowing what I was doing.  

I remember what it's like to plan an event and have only two people show up. Or trying to figure out how to reach people who could benefit from my help.   
I understand the feeling of “time wasted” when so much time and money goes into something and there’s no return on the investment. And I really remember scratching my head, wondering why.

But I learned from my experiences, and the best thing I learned to do was include the online component to everything I do.

Over the years, I’ve simplified the process, strengthened my understanding for presenting the right topics and increased my profit from each event.  I love hosting online workshops. They provide a great opportunity to connect with people who want to benefit from your knowledge and skills.

And now I want to share what I've learned with you.  

 Discover How To Create And 
Deliver Effective Online Workshops

With the right strategy, online workshops:

Help attract new clients
Provide more options for existing clients
Allow you to branch out into new areas you might want to pursue
Help you to test aspects of your current program or provide extra elements
Create opportunities to test different aspects when planning a program 
Help you discover what people need and want
Allow you to use existing materials as they can easily be adapted to a workshop
Can fit every niche at every level of business
Can allow you to do something now with little cost and help you decide what you’d like to do and who your ideal client might be (especially if you're just getting started)

Online workshops are simple to organize with little cost...
Making them extremely profitable

This is easier than you might think and you can do it.

Don't be afraid of the technology - there are many ways to do this

Conducting online workshops gives you the power to advance your understanding of your own business, providing more options for revenue and a better way to relate to your attendees.

This isn't cookie-cutter. You need a voice and business model that's yours. This is how you truly resonate with people.

You have expertise to share, possibly in ways you don't realize. Now you can find out what these skills may be.

We talk about empowering our clients - online workshops are a way to empowered you. You need to be first and that makes it much easier to help others.

Introducing: Mastering And Marketing 
Online Workshops 

Here's What's Included: 

4 Modules + 3 Replays Of Workshop Discussion
16 Hours of Content

Module 1

Defining you  - The most important aspect to determine what workshops you should host is knowing who you are and what you can do that's different from others.
Developing your voice and tone - Learn how to hit the right note for your message
Identifying your potential audience - Once you know who you are, it's easier to determine your best audience.
Discovering how you stimulate your creativity - Ideas for workshops are a product of our creativity and it's essential to know how you create - learn what type of creator you are.
Picking a topic – What makes a good one, how specific should you be and how can you  make it unique so that it fits the attendees?

Module  2

Technology requirements - From simple to more sophisticated to fit your needs and budget
Web requirements - What do you need to have and how to use it to its best advantage
Email and sales tools requirements - What's the minimum needed for marketing and reaching your attendees plus upgrading when needed
Membership site  - What can it do for you, and when is it time to have one, if ever
Determining what you need for the lowest cost - How to determine the basics and the best add-ons that can increase client attendance
Special health and food safety information for online cooking classes (and offline) - Learn the considerations for teaching people about working with food in their homes or serving foods to attendees (should you also do offline)

Module  3

Planning the workshop layout - How to structure event to be effective
Experiential learning - Creating activities for involving online attendees that increase their experience and strengthen the information you're presenting
Planning the other workshop elements – What materials you need and how to prepare them simply 
Costing and pricing - Implementing a proper costing model plus how to determine the price accurately
Supporting attendees after the workshop - Learning how to engage the attendees after the workshop, which is essential for building your business
Adding cooking classes and food demos online to your workshops - How to organize and structure these for the best attendee experience

Module 4

Marketing strategy - What's best for you? Not all marketing strategies fit you and what you're trying to convey so learn how to decide
Your best message - Determining the best minimal message for what you do allows you to reach more people
Learning to create engaging content - What does "engaging" really mean? Learn how  you determine yours
Social media overview - Determining what is right for you
Who do you know - Networking and getting referrals

Includes replay of Live Marketing Webinar


 - All notes and exercise materials included

 - Ongoing support via email or in our active Facebook group: Mastering Online Workshops

 - Bi-monthly live online meetings for all topics you may have (not just workshops)

Plus 3 Replays Of  Discussion Workshops (12+ Hours Total):

 We started by identifying who you are and what skills and talents you’ve overlooked that may be helpful in order to determine the best topics for you. This jumpstarts you into the program, allowing you to take action right away. Listen to what colleagues had to say.

We discussed the plans and ideas of attendees  and resolved stumbling blocks This allows you to hear all the great ideas of colleagues and continue  to progress so you can create the right template for your best workshop style and voice. Become inspired with what you can do.

Bonus 1 

Special Done-For-You Document: "Enjoying The Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle." A guide for attendees and clients that can be adapted to any topic and branded as your own. Great for adding value to what you do

Bonus 2 

Copywriting Module: Your words matter. It's what you'll use for every aspect of your work. Learn copywriting theory and how to adapt it to your voice. The right words can increase your reach and get results.
You don't have to work alone, wondering if what you're doing is going to resonate anymore.

You can be part of a community of colleagues to help you with your ideas and questions.

Upon completion, you'll have your unique workshop template, with a full understanding for all the options that are right for you and your attendees.

Learn a different way to take your expertise to people in a way that suits your skills.

Online is here to stay and even if you choose to do offline, you'll discover that adding an online aspect to offline maximizes your efforts and enabling you to reach more people.

 A Better Way To Help Clients Awaits You - Start Today!

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Here's What Our Colleagues Have To Say:
"Lorene is an amazing resource for all wellness professionals! Not only is she a wealth of experience and knowledge – but she thoughtfully and generously shares her wisdom with everyone in her community to help us get in touch with our purpose and reach our goals. I really wish she had been available to me when I first graduated 7 1/2 years ago!!" - Glenda Britton, RHN
"I highly recommend the Mastering Online Workshop. It allowed me to host my own successful workshop within weeks, despite having no experience whatsoever in this area. I was well prepared and my very first workshop went off without a hitch. I was able to recoup the entire cost of the Mastering Online Workshop, publicity costs and the cost of a new webcam (with a little leftover) from proceeds from my first workshop. Lorene is a thoughtful and dedicated teacher that is genuine in wanting to see natural health practitioners succeed and thrive". - Kim L’Ecuyer, Bsc, R.H.N.
"I was truly afraid to offer an online workshop for years. I am not good with technology, you see. When Lorene offered a course in how to be successful with online workshops, I immediately signed up because I know I Iearn well from her. She did not disappoint. In her down-to-earth way, she clearly explained the options and the steps to conducting an online workshop. She was so thorough explaining every aspect to us. And I was blown away by the time and effort she devoted to teaching us. Last night, I offered my first online workshop and was thrilled with how well smoothly and successfully it all went. Thank you Lorene for helping me overcome one of my biggest fears!! - Meredith Deasley, RHN 
"This workshop felt like a behind-the-curtains experience. Lorene is sharing the tricks of the trade and guide you through all the steps involved in developing, marketing and delivering an online workshop. It took away my anxiety and made me realize that I can incorporate workshops in my business. More importantly, I felt relieved of the pressure of creating my online signature program, which seemed to take forever. Lorene takes time to give answers and personalize them to individual needs. I strongly recommend taking this program. It’s like a hand-held step-by-step walk of the whole process. 
- Mirela Cojoaca, RHN
"Lorene is such a wealth of knowledge. Her neutral, informative, evidence based approach gives practitioners exactly the information they need to serve their clients the best. Her programs are no different. I feel much more confident in understanding the role as workshop can play in helping clients and how it fits into my business model".  - Danielle Senkerik, CHNC 

"Dear Lorene, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the depth of experience you relate in your Mastering and Marketing Online Workshop which is extremely well done and informative. It is amazing to have direct access to you and how open you are to share your wealth of expertise in delivering professional online workshops. Thank you for helping to take away apprehension to creating my own workshops. I highly recommend this program and the other content designed and developed by Lorene.
 - Cindy Ryon, RHN

"I hesitated buying other programs out there but I purchased Lorene's programs, confident that the information would be the most relevant and up to date. Lorene has been an invaluable mentor and teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her. She is always available and active in her support and the best resource to help me better serve my clients." - Joanne Lapierre, RHN

“I have taken several of Lorene Sauro’s programs. It has had a profound effect on the way that I deal with clients in practice. She includes practical business modules for client marketing strategies and program development to aid practitioners in applying what she teaches in her courses. I highly recommend her programs to practitioners of all levels and experience.” - Cathy Biase BSc., RHN, CPCC  
"I have taken several of Lorene’s workshops and programs, both live and online, and she never disappoints!  What impresses me the most is her willingness to continually dig deep into the latest research to understand what we need for our profession. And then she distills this down and skillfully presents it so that as practitioners we have a clear grasp of the subject matter, and can in turn then educate and advise our clients with sound, fact-based information and protocols. Highly recommended!"  - Peg McPhedran, RHN 
"Lorene always provides a vast amount of knowledge in easily digestible way.  The protocols that Lorene provides have been life changing for many of my clients, making the course materials invaluable!   My practice has absolutely bloomed! Thank you Lorene."   - Jennifer Lloyd, RHN, CHHC
"A big thank you to Lorene for creating her programs. She has once again met the needs of our profession with this comprehensive program containing practical information for our clients to live in this busy world.   Lorene's programs can be used anywhere for any niche. Thanks again, Lorene."   
- Helen Blanchard, RHN   
“Lorene has helped me personally and professionally. I have been able to bring the philosophy of using my words to my clients and it has helped me help them far more effectively. The materials she provides in her programs have be so useful to my clients. It's saved me hours of time. Thanks Lorene! You’re a rare gem”  -- Marina Silverio, RHN 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use what I learn on my website and in other programs? 
Yes, what is taught in the programs can be used for other purposes. 
How much time will it take? 
Each module is about 3 hours. The workshop replays total 11.5 hours. The workshops replays are to help you with the materials in the modules, you should be able to get through the program relatively quickly. 
What kind of support is there during the program and ongoing?  
I am available in the Facebook group and by email. Plus there are two live online bi-monthly support meetings for all members of my programs 
Will it work for my niche? 
Absolutely, you will learn something that will provide your niche and clients with even more value.  
What if I can’t start right away? 
You have permanent access to the program and can do it whenever you like. You can also go back and review material anytime as well. 

How quickly can I start?  
You can start immediately plus join the Facebook group right now for support as well. 
What if I can’t attend the live meetings workshops? 
All meetings will be recorded so you can listen to them at any time afterwards and contact me with any questions. 
What stage of business should I be at? 
It does not matter. This program is great for those who are just starting and those who have an existing business or program. It will also help those who have had previous business training but are looking for some different ideas.