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Who Am I?
I'm Lorene Sauro, RHN. As a holistic nutritionist and food professional, I've worked with thousands of frustrated clients. Why were they unhappy? Because the practitioners they saw, before they came to me, tried to make them fit into a box.  I had learned through my own struggles with endometriosis that we are all different and it's because everybody has a unique microbiome. Like fingerprints, no two guts are the same. This means we need a greater understanding for this special area that is connected to every other area of the body.  As a wellness professional for 20 years, I've also taught thousands of practitioners, upgrading their knowledge to help increase their ability to help clients see better results, with a focus on gut health.  I'm founder of the Healthy Gut program and host upgrading webinars every month in the Inspired Learning Hub
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