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Discover an Easy Way to Help Clients Get Better Results with My Healthy Gut Done-For-You Program 
  You Can Totally Customize and Brand as Your Own 
It’s Ready to Use Now – Saving You Hours of Time
Now that you have chosen to learn all you can about the gut to help you clients, here are the materials that make it possible to help clients sooner. As practitioners, it is our goal and our passion to help clients. 

We know, deep in our hearts, that diet and lifestyle changes can truly help so many people, no matter what their issues may be. We have made a commitment to ourselves and our business to help others.  

But let’s face it, in order to make money, we have to run a business, find clients, promote ourselves and still find time to see the clients. Then there are the clients… Sometimes, despite our best efforts, clients do not succeed or will not implement what we say. 

This is often the most frustrating part. It can be leave us questioning what we know, feeling alone and not knowing where to turn. When we get clients, even if it is within our niche, they often present with issues, that require more complicated protocols.

This is especially true when the gut is involved. After all, we are not just talking about digestive and intestinal disorders. Gut health is playing a role in all health issues .

The truth is we need a comprehensive approach to gut health that goes beyond probiotics and this takes time and patience
If you feel overwhelmed when this occurs, you are not alone. You may fear that you will have to recommend too many supplements or overload the clients with too much information. 

You may think that the client is going to resist and make it even more difficult for you to sustain your business. You will now have the knowledge. 

What you need are the tools and the program to help solve this dilemma
When I talk to practitioners, the number one question I am asked is: 
How do I turn my practice into a viable business?
What most want is to grow their opportunities by taking advantage of the new online reality. 

This means seeing clients online, hosting programs online, while still allowing you the joy of working with people face-to-face both as single clients or hosting workshops, if you want.  All of these activities take time to develop and must include the materials for the programs or protocols.  You may not even be sure what they need to be since you have not done this yet.  

This means a lot of trial and error.   What if, instead, you could take proven materials, apply them immediately and customize them easily to make them your own? Think about it. You could advertise today to run a 4-week program for $247. Each week, you guide attendees through the materials you have for them, give them assignments to do each week and provide a forum for them to chat and ask their questions. 

If 20 people sign up, you have made $4940. Do this online and you can sign up even more. Do you think that is too much for someone to pay? 

If you are offering a transformation from where they are now to where they want to be, then they will pay. Look at what you are offering – your knowledge, your skills plus a host of beautiful tools and materials and an understanding as to how to transform. Yes, people will sign up for this.
Why a gut health program?
Most people do not improve because of gut issues, despite what you may recommend. Even the new information about gut health is highlighting how hormones affect the gut and how the gut affects hormones. There are many back and forth relationships like this with the gut throughout our bodies. Taking into consideration the complex relationship of the gut to everything, you must provide clients with something to help their gut. 

The Healthy Gut Done-For-You Program provides you with a food plan and program that fits any client. It explains simply what a client must do to balance their gut and the foods that will help them do it.

It’s Customizable

Perhaps your client is currently working with another practitioner like a MD or ND This program can easily adapt to what they are doing. Perhaps you have other areas wish to work on with client, in keeping with their health concerns - this program allows you to do that while still working on gut issues through food.
“This is literally the BEST done-for-you program I've seen. I was so nervous to bite the bullet as I've been disappointed in others. This is excellent. It's far more professional than anything I've seen. I'd buy more of your programs anytime. I'll be proud to add my name and branding to it!!! Thank you for sharing your gift!!” 

- Vickie Dickson, RHN
Think of the time and money you will save !
Is transformation too much to strive for? Transformation is what we all strive for not matter what we do. It is why we get up every day and without it, we have no hope. Clients strive for better health and quality of life. We, as practitioners strive for a healthy business and satisfied clients because we have helped them transform. And any step forward is a transformation
Does this sound like the business you want to have?
Is transformation too much to strive for? Transformation is what we all strive for not matter what we do. It is why we get up every day and without it, we have no hope. Clients strive for better health and quality of life. We, as practitioners strive for a healthy business and satisfied clients because we have helped them transform. And any step forward is a transformation
  • You run a 4 week, 6-week or 8-week program or even a fully automate program so it runs online 24/7 without having to create the materials or the promotional program you need to be successful
  • ​You send out emails to people who love to sign up with you because they trust you and love the value you provide
  • ​You run a webinar, give talks and network with other colleague to gain new clients
  • ​You launch your programs 2-4 times a year, knowing the materials are all ready and the online promotion is set up and ready to go when you press send.
  • ​You host workshops, maybe even a retreat, providing fun, informative sessions live, meeting new people
  • ​You see clients one-on-one, as needed because they need more concentrated help from you and you really want to help them. And to help you keep them motivate, you have materials that help you teach and inspire the clients.
If you say: “Yes this is business I would love to have”, 
then let’s get started. 
This Healthy Gut Done-For-You program gives you the pieces to launch your first program live or online with the technical steps included and materials that can be used in a number of ways. This allows you to earn money now.
What Will You Get From This Program?
  • Completely customize it as your own.
  • ​Includes 4 different lead magnets
  • ​Shopping List
  • ​Power points to help you run your own program live or online
  • ​Handouts for more added benefits for your clients
  • ​Candidiasis/dysbiosis questionnaire
  • ​Candidiasis and Leaky Gut E-Books
  • ​5 different 21-day menu plans:
  • ​21-Dat Regular Menu Plan
  • ​21-Day Vegan Menu Plan
  • ​21-Day Paleo Menu Plan 
  • ​21-Day Ketogenic Menu Plan
  • ​21-Day FODMAPS Menu Plan 
  • ​All designed to maximize gut health plus over 130 delicious recipes
  • ​Plus 2 Live Brainstorming Webinars to help you design your programs
Bonus #1
Email funnel for both your lead magnet and for launching your program. Sales page template with content written for you.
Bonus #2
Graphic images to use on Facebook, Instagram and your website.
Bonus #3
10 blog posts and 10 bonus recipes to support your program and business
A guaranteed way to take your nutrition practice to the next level.   Get protocol results, grow your practice, increase your income. 
Everything is in a MS word document so you can add your branding and customized as you see fit. Use them as it or use them as part of an program you already have to provide added benefit to clients. You can use the materials to create 4-week, 6 week or 8 week programs. Suitable for working with group or on-one and perfect for online programs.  The menu plan is designed to allow the client to make changes and provide a great opportunity for you to work with them to help do this, if needed All materials been professional designed with beautiful graphics
Healthy Gut + Healthy Gut DFY

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Healthy Gut + Healthy Gut DFY

“I hate doing menu plans and this is exactly what I have been looking for. The recipes are delicious and there is a logic to the ingredients that is easy to understand and well explained in the food guide. I love the flexibility of the materials as I can see using this in a number of ways”. 

- Mandy Dinkins, CNP
“Lorene creates amazing programs. Properly researched and full of usable materials. The Healthy Gut Done-For-You Program is going to save me so much time and I love the ongoing support that Lorene provides”. 

- Karen Rossi, RN
“I started following Lorene and taking her courses when I was still a student at CSNN. The information she provides is an invaluable addition, and the missing link that brings all the information together in a comprehensive manner.  I hesitated buying other done for you programs out there because I was unsure of the accuracy of the content and if the information would be in line with my beliefs and values. I purchased without hesitation the Healthy Gut and Healthy Hormone Programs as well as both Done For You Programs, confident that the information would be the most relevant and up to date information. Lorene has been an invaluable mentor and teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her. She is always available and active in the facebook group and readily provides feedback to all of our questions. She is my go to, and best resource to help me better serve my clients” 

- Joanne Lapierre, RHN”
Frequently Asked Questions 
Who should use the Healthy Gut Done-For-You Program? 
Any practitioner who works with food and nutrition and wants materials that are easy-to-use and provide sound, good quality food information to increase their ability to grow their business. This includes nutritionists, health coaches, fitness trainers, yoga Instructors and life coaches.
Can I copy or modify the content?
This is ready to go. Just add your branding and contact info. However, you can also copy and modify it anyway you like. Even copy and paste information from the handouts, ebooks, or email samples right into your emails or promotional materials. Use the material as you please.
What if I do not know enough about the technology to use the material?
There a few simple things that you may need to use for online or you may already have all the platforms you need such as an email service, Paypal and a website. There are template services you can get like Leadpages but there are also inexpensive ways to do things. 

We discuss an easy way, inexpensive way to find the help you may need. This is more important for online programs. Less technology is need for live workshops. This is all discussed in the guidelines.
Are the meal plans suitable for special diets?
There are gluten-free options, vegetarian options, dairy-free options. If you want to make it all one way ie: dairy-free, then it is easy to remove the dairy option. There also easy to follow options and instructions to make other substitutions the client may need. 
Can I make money from this even if I do not have an email list?
The 7-Day Gut Reboot Challenge could be used as your free lead magnet to help build your email list plus there are several E-Books you could use. However, you do not need a big list to get started and make money now. You do have contacts -people that you know and you can simply let them know what you are doing and ask them to help you spread the word. They may want to attend your programs or know people who it may be right for. We also discuss other ways to promote and don’t forget about social media.
Is this strictly an online program?
No. The materials are suitable for both online programs and live workshops. They can be even used for seeing one-on-one clients. We discuss this the guidelines
Do you offer ongoing support if I have questions?
Yes, I can be emailed directly or you can post in our Facebook group.
Do You Provide Ideas for Pricing?
Yes. Potential programs are described with suggesting pricing. There are several options to give you ideas as to how to use the material and how you can price each option.
As you can see, the materials are ready to go but there is flexibility, allowing you to use them to create the business of your dreams. 

Take advantage to of the special offer and purchase now. It will be the best investment you can make to help more clients and grow your business.
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