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Would You Like 5 More Modules for the Full Healthy Gut Program? 
  The Healthy Gut Foundation Program teaches you how the gut functions and describes the foods and supplements that help all areas for better intestinal function

The Full Healthy Gut Program provides the gut connection to health conditions beyond the gut and includes protocol information for many health conditions
Now that you have chosen to learn all you can about gut function to help your clients, you can take this information and learn how to apply it to specific health conditions your clients may have.

Most clients think gut health issues are just about symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation and discomfort. Or they think it relates only to conditions like IBS, Crohn's or colitis. 

The truth is that all health conditions have a gut connection and without a good gut strategy for all protocols, clients are less likely to see the complete results they seek.

We know, deep in our hearts, that diet and lifestyle changes can truly help so many people, no matter what their issues may be. But what foods should they eat? How do you develop the individualized protocol that each client deserves especially when they have health conditions beyond the gut?

Despite dietary changes, clients still struggle... 

This is often the most frustrating part. It can leave us questioning what we know, feeling alone and not knowing where to turn. When we get clients, even if it is within our niche, they often present with issues that require more complicated protocols.

We now know that the gut is always involved. After all, we are not just talking about digestive and intestinal disorders. Gut health is playing a role in all health issues.

We need a comprehensive approach to gut health that goes beyond probiotics, and this takes time and patience. 
If you feel overwhelmed when this occurs, you are not alone. You may fear that you will have to recommend too many supplements or overload the clients with too much information. 

You may think that the client is going to resist and make it even more difficult for you to sustain your business. With the full program, you will now have the knowledge you need for these complicated scenarios. 

You need the tools, and the full program will help solve this dilemma. 
Are You Familiar with Bi-Directional Relationships?
There are many bi-directional relationships with the gut. You can't fix one without fixing the other.

For example: Hormones affect gut health, and gut health affects hormone function. The brain talks to the gut, and the gut talks to the brain. The thyroid affects the gut, and the gut affects the thyroid. 

The list goes on...

This means you need a strategy for the gut and for the condition that's affecting the function of other parts of the body.
It Has To Be Thoughtful Because You Can't Overwhelm The Client 
Because of their gut issues, most people do not improve, despite what you may recommend. 

Taking into consideration the complex relationship of the gut to everything, you must provide clients with many things to help their gut. 

The Full Healthy Gut Program provides you with the details to address specific health conditions so you can customize your gut health protocol to fit any client. 

It explains simply what a client must do to balance their gut and the food and lifestyle choices that will help them do it. 
“Lorene has helped me personally and professionally. I’ve suffered with digestive issues all my live; I’m extremely sensitive to dairy and been diagnosed with celiac disease. I did what most people do and cut out foods from my diet, but I was unhappy, unhealthy and had a fear of food because I kept thinking the foods were the issues. Out of all the teachings I’ve encountered, Lorene made the most sense to me and taught me how to really heal my gut and be able to alleviate the fear and introduce many nutritious food back into my diet. Life is richer and more pleasurable when you can enjoy a variety of foods and their benefits. I have been able to bring this philosophy to my clients and it has helped me help them far more effectively. One of the things I remember Lorene saying that resonated with me and I’m paraphrasing here:  'Food is not supposed to hurt us, food is our friend, it’s healing and it’s part of the joy of life'.Thanks Lorene! You’re a rare gem." 
- Marina Silverio, RHN 
Think of the time and money you will save with the information and materials you'll receive!
Is transformation too much to strive for? It's what we all strive for, no matter what we do. It's why we get up every day, and without it, we have no hope. Clients strive for better health and quality of life. We, as practitioners, strive for a healthy business with satisfied clients because we have helped them transform. And any step forward is a transformation. 
Clients Are Looking For Answers And You're Looking For Accurate Information To Help Them

With This Program, You Have So Many Options Today... 

  • You can run a 4-week, 6-week or 8-week program or even a fully automated program so it runs online 24/7 without having to create the materials or the promotional program you need to be successful.
  • ​You can send out emails to people who would love to sign up with you because they trust you and love the value you provide
  • ​You can run a webinar, give talks and network with other colleagues to gain new clients
  • ​You can launch your programs 2-4 times a year, knowing the materials are all ready and the online promotion is set up and ready to go when you press send.
  • ​You can host workshops, maybe even a retreat, providing fun, informative, live sessions, while meeting new people
  • ​You can see clients one-on-one as needed because they require more concentrated help from you and you really want to help them. And to help you keep clients motivate, you have materials that help you teach and inspire the them.

All You Need Is A Program That Provides The Information And Support You Need To Help More Clients!

The Full Healthy Gut Program + Done-For-You Program Gives You All That You Need To Run 
The Business You Desire

Full Program Description 
10 Modules + Business Module       

1. Provide attendees with the latest research on gut health to aid their clients 
2. Present guidelines for food and supplement protocols 
3. Provide discussion of conditions and issues connected to gut health 
4. Provide practical usable food information to increase client options 
5. Provide a forum and community for sharing and support 
Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the Full Healthy Gut Program, attendees will have the ability to: 
• Establish more effective protocols and practical solutions for clients 
• Understand the importance of the microbiome and how it functions as well as its connection to other systems in the body 
• Have a better understanding of the role and function of the gastrointestinal system as it relates to health conditions 
• Use research for various aspects of their practice and business 
• Understand other microbiomes throughout the body 
• Have a continual resource for upgrading their knowledge and for ongoing support 
All materials will be provided, including a new easy-to-use questionnaire and symptomatology form, food journal, menu plan designer, food checklist, updated Candidiasis protocol, Leaky Gut protocol, recipes and menu plans, and more. 
Quiz: Two for each module to verify listening plus one for the business module 
Exercises: To increase use of the material as needed (optional) 
Pre-Program 2-Part Webinar Series: 
The Healing Effect of the Practitioner: Available immediately 

This provides a discussion of the research surrounding the healing energy between the practitioner and the client based on the methods of the practitioner. This also includes specific information about creating a healing environment for clients. This is an important topic as it has been established that gut bacteria play a role with emotions. Creating an environment for clients to feel comfortable will aid both their gut function and their ability to heal. 
Module 1:  Gut Physiology – What You Need to Know     
• Review of anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal system and function  
• Role of chewing and the mouth microbiome  
• Overview of gut function and the gut bacteria  
• Role of diversity of strains, what we need to have diversity and why we have lost it  
• Discussion of ear, eye, nose, and skin microbiome 
• Discussion of poop tests 
• Discussion of how to help your clients remember what you say 
Module 2: The Complete Role of the Good Bacteria                   
• Examination of the current research of the role of gut bacteria 
• Understanding mothers and babies and what to do to develop good gut function 
• Transient vs residential bacteria 
• Prebiotics 
• The benefits of SCFAs and how they are produced 
• An understanding of bacteria strains  
• The connection between the gut, the liver and urinary system 
• Gut bacteria and immune tolerance  
• Client questionnaire and symptomatology form 
• Discussion regarding helping clients make changes 
Module 3:  Supplement Protocols – What Does the Research Say?  
• Understanding the research for supplements  
• General protocol for supplements 
• The role of probiotics          
• Presentation of supplements that aid gut health and digestive function including specific brands and the research that supports their use  
• A discussion of lactobacillus bacteremia 
Module 4:  Food Protocols – What Does the Research Say?  
• General protocol for food  
• Presentation of fermented foods and fermentation of grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds 
• Discussion of food sensitivities and food intolerance 
• The truth about gluten                       
• Presentation of prebiotic and probiotic foods, culinary herbs as well as other foods that are helpful for gut health  
• Research that supports the use of foods and supplements included 
• Discussion of GMOs plus GAPS, FODMAPS, Ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and other specialty diets 
• Food checklist and client gut health history form  
• 5 different menu plans – regular, vegetarian, vegan, paleo and raw

Module 5:  Special Gut Considerations                 
• Brain-gut connection and the vagus nerve 
• SIBO vs Candidiasis plus protocols 
• Understanding leaky gut and zonulin, plus protocol 
• Role of histamine intolerance 
• Lipopolysaccharides  
• Mucous lining and inflammation  
• Role of gut motility 
• Digestive plaque and digestive enzymes 
• Endocannabinoid system connection to the gut 
• Recommendations for protocols included 
Module 6:  Conditions Part I                                                                        
• The gut connection and protocols for: 
   o Heart disease 
   o Obesity 
   o Metabolic syndrome and diabetes 
   o Osteoporosis and arthritis  
   o CFS and fibromyalgia  
   o Lyme disease 
• 1-2-3 Strategy for Changing Your Day 
Module 7:  Conditions Part II                                             
• Autoimmunity and the gut 
• Immune tolerance in relation to autoimmunity and allergies 
• Discussion about IgG testing 
• The gut connection and protocols for: 
   o Crohn’s, colitis, and IBS  
   o Parkinson’s disease 
   o Brain issues such as Alzheimer’s and autism and gut health 
Module 8:  Conditions Part III                          
• Stress and the gut connection  
• Depression, anxiety, and the gut 
• Exercise, sleep, and the gut 
• Gut and thyroid connection 
• Gut connection to estrogen dominance  
• Sense of smell and gut bacteria 
• Discussion of the role of meditation and mindfulness for gut health 
• Effect of EMFs on the gut  
• Supporting the gut through cancer treatment 
Module 9:  Case Studies and Working with Clients in the Future     
• Discussion of using this information in the program for working with clients 
• How to develop the protocol 
• Researching information for a client 
• Several case histories as examples 
Module 10:  Counselling Strategies 
• Importance of understanding what may be affecting a client’s ability to respond to your suggestions 
• What might be affecting their ability to make changes  
• Understanding character strengths 
• Nurturing a positive mind frame 
• Understanding and building resilience 
• Discussion regarding strengthening relationships 
• The importance of gratitude 
Business Module:  
Marketing Strategies for Packaging the New Information                      
• Provides information for marketing your services, creating programs and general business promotion elements, including how to use the information in the program for better client outcomes and for growing a business 


Each module has a list of references for all the videos in the module.  
Amplify the Experience (ATE) Support Meetings 

Live online support meetings are held bi-monthly. Members are free to discuss all elements of their business and practice or ask questions about program material or other areas of interest for their profession.  

Bi-Module Live Online Reviews
The purpose is twofold. For those who start on the start date and follow the schedule, the review will reinforce the information as it’s learned. For those who do not choose to start on the start date, it provides key information to help members benefit right away. These reviews will take place a week after the release of each even-numbered module. 

Facebook Group 
This group is for daily discussion of topics of interest. 

Monthly Educational Live Webinar
These webinars discuss the latest research and topics to strengthen understanding of the material in the program. 

Questions can always be emailed to 

There are 21 Quizzes–two for each module plus one for the business module to verify listening. 

Each quiz has a certificate that can be downloaded after successful completion of the quiz. 

A printed certificate will be mailed upon completion of the whole program (send an email to inform the office of completion). 

PLUS: The Healthy Gut Done-For-You Program 

5 21-Day Menu Plans: Regular, Paleo, Vegan, FODMAPs and Ketogenic. Plus lead magnets, shopping lists, ebooks, email and sales funnels, sample sales page, Power Points, extra blog posts 
And more....
If you say: “Yes, I would love to have the Full Healthy Gut Program”, 
then let’s get started. 

Program starts February 4th with one module release every two weeks. Follow the schedule of do it at your own pace. You have permanent access.

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Healthy Gut + Healthy Gut DFY

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“The Full Healthy Gut Program was just what I was looking for. As a recent CSNN graduate, I knew I wanted to start my own practice and had a strong interest in gut health and fermentation but was unsure on where to start. Lorene’s knowledge, integrity and extensive experience as both a practitioner and educator were inspiring and the program was just what I needed to pull everything together to start offering my own workshops and getting clients! I highly recommend the program to all practitioners. And grab the Simply Fermentation Workshop while you are at it. Thanks so much, Lorene.”  
- Nica Doan, RHN 

“I hate doing menu plans and the Healthy Gut Done-For-You program is exactly what I have been looking for. The recipes are delicious and there is a logic to the ingredients that is easy to understand and well explained in the food guide. I love the flexibility of the materials as I can see using this in a number of ways."  

- Mandy Dinkins, CNP
“I started following Lorene and taking her courses when I was still a student at CSNN. The information she provides is an invaluable addition, and the missing link that brings all the information together in a comprehensive manner.  I hesitated buying other done for you programs out there because I was unsure of the accuracy of the content and if the information would be in line with my beliefs and values. I purchased without hesitation the Healthy Gut and Healthy Hormone Programs as well as both Done For You Programs, confident that the information would be the most relevant and up to date information. Lorene has been an invaluable mentor and teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her. She is always available and active in the Facebook group and readily provides feedback to all of our questions. She is my go to, and best resource to help me better serve my clients." 

- Joanne Lapierre, RHN
Frequently Asked Questions 
Who should use the Healthy Gut Done-For-You Program? 
Any practitioner who works with food and nutrition and wants materials that are easy-to-use and provide sound, good quality food information to increase their ability to grow their business. This includes nutritionists, health coaches, fitness trainers, yoga instructors and life coaches.
Can I copy or modify the content in the Done-For-You?
It's ready to go. Just add your branding and contact info. However, you can also copy and modify it anyway you like. Even copy and paste information from the handouts, ebooks, or email samples right into your emails or promotional materials. Use the material as you please.
What if I do not know enough about the technology to use the material?
There are a few simple things that you may need to use for online or you may already have all the platforms you need such as an email service, Paypal and a website. There are template services you can get like Leadpages but there are also inexpensive ways to do things. 

We discuss an easy way, inexpensive way to find the help you may need. This is more important for online programs. Less technology is need for live workshops. This is all discussed in the guidelines.
Are the meal plans suitable for special diets?
There are gluten-free options, vegetarian options, dairy-free options. If you want to make it all one way e.g., dairy-free, then it is easy to remove the dairy options. There are also easy-to-follow options and instructions to make other substitutions the client may need. 
Can I make money from this even if I do not have an email list?
The 7-Day Gut Reboot Challenge could be used as your free lead magnet to help build your email list plus there are several E-Books and other lead magent you could use. However, you do not need a big list to get started and make money now. You do have contacts -people that you know and you can simply let them know what you are doing and ask them to help you spread the word. They may want to attend your programs or know people who it may be right for. We also discuss other ways to promote and don’t forget about social media.
Is this strictly an online program?
No. The materials are suitable for both online programs and live workshops. They can even be used for seeing one-on-one clients. We discuss this in the guidelines
Do you offer ongoing support if I have questions?
Yes, I can be emailed directly or you can post in our Facebook group.
Do You Provide Ideas for Pricing?
Yes. Potential programs are described with suggested pricing. There are several options to give you ideas for using the material and pricing each option.
As you can see, the materials and information are ready to go, but there is flexibility, allowing you to use this program to create the business of your dreams. 

Take advantage of the special offer and purchase now. It will be the best investment you can make to help more clients and grow your business.
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