The Art Of Writing Engaging Content

If you want to attract people to you – 
Tell different stories than everyone else. 

Tell Your Stories... 

June 28, July 8, July 18, July 28
 12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PST Online 

What’s your story?  
It’s all the game-changing experiences and information that have made a difference in your  
life and work.  
It’s what your audience wants to hear.  
Watch the video and  
see what I mean

No one told us that marketing ourselves would be the most difficult thing we'd have to do

You learn to do everything you're told in order to find your target audience

You write the emails and posts that 
experts say you should  write

And then...

1. You don't get a good response

2. People are not signing up to work with you

3. You don't feel the material really represents you but you're afraid to do something different

4. Sometimes you have no clue as to what you should write or say

5. You're frustrated because you have solutions people need but you're just not reaching them

6. And you're stumped how to express to your audience what you really want them to know, including who you are

The truth is you're unique and your stories will have the most power to reach others... but only you can tell them.

Knowing how to write your stories 
is your biggest asset
Your stories are specific and will mean something to the people who hear or read them

It doesn't means you're exposing more than you wish - you're telling specific information that make sense to others - things that help

That's good news for you and your potential your clients

#1 Mistake

  You don't use the stories you have that let people know you understand them
Too often, wellness professionals talk generically about health information  

How many times do people really need to read "Tips to add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet"?

This does not help them understand a solution for them - it's just words to them

What does make a difference?

Hearing your stories or your clients' stories and the circumstances that created those moments where you put a piece of the puzzle together and solved a problem

Understanding The Best Way to Tell Your Stories 
Will Attract More Clients To You

Hi I’m Lorene Sauro, RHN. I’m not a natural writer and I struggled. Over the years, I've written articles for publications, books and many email sales letters and sales pages. I learned to express what I needed to convey to reach people in my own voice. It wasn't easy, but I've developed a strategy that helps me decide what to write and what to share. Different stories have a purpose for different aspects of what I do. Now I want to share this with you.  

 Plus we will be joined by my colleague, Helen Blanchard, RHN. Helen has taken her previous work experience as both a corporate paralegal and an education program assistant and combined this with her training as a holistic nutrition professional. She now proofreads and edits holistic material. Helen speaks your language and is looking forward to sharing her editing and proofreading expertise with you at each of the sessions.
Share Your Puzzle Pieces And How You Discovered Them
Think about  this. 

When you tell a story, it makes an impression on the audience.

Clients like this...

It creates an emotional response because they can relate to you. 

And you can relate to them.

The Art of Creating Engaging Content
Live Sessions (will be recorded if you can't make it live)

June 28, July 8, July18, July 28, 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST/9:00 am - 12:30 pm PST

Program  Suitable For 14 Hours CEUs
 This Program Includes: 

4 3.5-hour live sessions with replays available

1 short assignment for each session 

Exercises and discussion during each session to help you create your stories

Practical application of the information presented that you will be able to use on an ongoing basis 

Handouts to reinforce the tips to help you write 

Easy-to-follow information, whether attending live or watching the replays

Upon Completion Of The Program, You'll :
Have a list of potential stories to use to make your case and engage potential clients and/or any target audience in many different applications
Understand how to write your stories to convey what clients need to hear
Have steps to create compelling features and benefits and steps to avoid common mistakes
Know how to write proper recipes as well as create descriptions that will entice your clients to prepare the recipes 
Feel confident about what your stories mean

Know how to use them for multiple purposes such as social media, blog posts, emails, sales pages and presentations

Finally understand how to be the real you that people will want to know and work with
Think About How You'll Be Able To Use This Information And Your New Skills To Promote Yourself

- You'll always be able to sincerely convey the point you want to make without sounding salesy

- You'll connect with clients in a manner that they like best with information that makes sense to them

- And you'll understand the proper construction of a story and know that it will get the attention of your target audience

What Does This Mean For The Client?
 Potential clients will finally be able to hear and read information that means something to them

They won't be confused anymore, wondering if you're the right practitioner for them

They'll know they've found a true collaborator to help them solve their issues

They'll feel empowered and excited to work with you

Think About What This Gives You 

  •  Assurance that you'll be in charge of what you want your clients to know 
  •  More confidence because you'll be speaking and writing the real stories of your journey as a wellness professional 
  •  A growing business with clients who trust you because they know where you're coming from

 This is not about just one story—you have many stories.

This program will help you understand how many stories you have, how to write them and how to use them to engage your audience. But it starts with writing one story and learning how to use it for more than one purpose.

Program Outline 

Session 1 

Assignment 1: Make a list of all your stories. This assignment will be available upon registration and includes an explanation so you can get started right away. This assignment will be used in session 1. 

Session 1: Discussion of your stories, using them as a lead, how to decide what to use and how to write a story to be engaging. Includes how to use punctuation and other aspects of writing to have your message reach your audience. Includes tips for writing for clarity and simplicity.  Exercise to examine  specific examples of stories included.

Session 3

Assignment 3: Work on features and benefits for your story. 

Session 3: Discussion of your assignment. Plus, how to take your story and break it into different versions or parts for more than one purpose such as social media, emails, blog posts sales pages, and subject lines. Includes suggestions for spotting common errors. Conscious Language: Words to never use to avoid offending.

Session 2 

 Assignment 2: Write your first story based on information from session 1. 

Session 2: Discussion of your stories, how to develop more stories. Going beyond the lead story to continue the conversation. We’ll discuss the difference between headlines, titles, captions and subject lines. Understanding the difference between features and benefits and how you use stories to make the case for your services, programs, workshops or products. Includes tips for editing your content. 

Session 4

Assignment 4: Break your story into parts for different purposes. 

Session 4: Discussion of your assignment. Recipe writing includes how to write a recipe properly for clarity and how to describe recipes for selling your services, programs, workshops or just to make a point in an email or blog post. Includes tips for ensuring recipes are user friendly, consistent and enticing. 

Plus There's More...

Bonus 1: Handouts that include tips for writing and editing your own copy, suggestions for spotting common errors, grammar and punctuation tips, user-friendly recipe tips,  and more

Bonus 2:  Special short exercises to help strengthen your understanding and improve your writing skills

Bonus 3: Copywriting module for basic copywriting theory

 Imagine How Amazing Your Clients Will Think You Are. 
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 The Art Of Writing Engaging Content
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"Lorene always provides a vast amount of knowledge in an easily digestible way.  The information that Lorene provides have been life changing for me and  many of my clients, making the course materials invaluable!   My practice has absolutely bloomed! Thank you Lorene."   
- Jennifer Lloyd, RHN, CHHC 

 "Lorene is an amazing resource for all wellness professionals! Not only is she a wealth of experience and knowledge – but she thoughtfully and generously shares her wisdom with everyone in her community to help us get in touch with our purpose and reach our goals. I really wish she had been available to me when I first graduated 7 1/2 years ago!!" 
- Glenda Britton, RHN
"I have taken several of Lorene’s workshops and programs, both live and online, and she never disappoints!  What impresses me the most is her willingness to continually dig deep into the latest research to understand what we need for our profession. And then she distills this down and skillfully presents it so that as practitioners we have a clear grasp of the subject matter, and can in turn then educate and advise our clients with sound, fact-based information and protocols. Highly recommended!"  - Peg McPhedran, RHN 
 "Lorene is such a wealth of knowledge. Her neutral, informative, evidence based approach gives practitioners exactly the information they need to serve their clients the best. Her workshops are no different. I feel much more confident in understanding the role it can play in helping clients and how it fits into our scope".  
- Danielle Senkerik, CHNC 
"I hesitated buying other programs out there but I purchased Lorene's programs, confident that the information would be the most relevant and up to date. Lorene has been an invaluable mentor and teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her. She is always available and active in her support and the best resource to help me better serve my clients." 
- Joanne Lapierre, RHN
 “I have taken several of Lorene Sauro’s programs. It has had a profound effect on the way that I deal with clients in practice. She includes practical business modules for client marketing strategies and program development to aid practitioners in applying what she teaches in her courses. I highly recommend her programs to practitioners of all levels and experience.”
 - Cathy Biase BSc., RHN, CPCC  
“Lorene has helped me personally and professionally. I have been able to bring the philosophy of using my words to my clients and it has helped me help them far more effectively. The materials she provides in her programs have be so useful to my clients. It's saved me hours of time. Thanks Lorene! You’re a rare gem”  
- Marina Silverio, RHN  
“Lorene has been my go-to person for nutrition information since I was a student. She is a trusted colleague and we have worked together on numerous projects and programs. I am always amazed at the information she has roaming around in her head and the detail she brings to her programs. Her DFYs are beautiful and professional. She is a lot of fun and truly supportive to everyone she works with". 
- Lori Kennedy, RHN  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I start right now, or do I have to wait until Session 1?

Yes, you can start now. Assignment 1 is ready for you. It is simple to do and won't take very long. We will be discussing this assignment in Session 1. The video instructions for the assignment are included in the first email you'll receive when you register.

2. What happens if I miss a live session?

All sessions are recorded so you'll be able to listen to the recording of the session and hear all the information, instructions and discussion.

3. If I miss a session, will I have trouble keeping up?

No. Each session is structured to function as a stand-alone with a separate set of topics. It will be easy to follow along even if you miss a session and haven't listened to the replay.

4. How time-consuming are the assignments?

Each one can be done in 30 minutes to an hour. You can take more time if you want. They are designed to help you with what we'll be doing in the sessions.

5. Are the assignments stand-alone?

No. Each assignment is linked to the next so that you're building your knowledge as you go. 

6. If I miss an assignment, should I still attend the live session?

Yes. There is plenty to hear and see during the sessions. Some of the assignment work can be done during the session if needed. Plus just listening to the examples and questions from the other attendees will help you when you do the assignment.

7. Can I do this at a later time and not attend any of the live sessions? 

Yes. You can do this at your own pace and just listen to the recorded sessions. All information and recordings will be stored in the Members Area for the program, and you'll receive the login information when you register.

8. Is there ongoing support?

Yes, you may ask questions in the Facebook Group any time and receive the support from Helen, the other members and myself. You can also email me anytime.

9. What is the refund policy?

You can receive a refund, if requested within 14 days of purchase.
10. How are the live sessions held?

The sessions are all hosted on Zoom. There's just one link for all four sessions, and you'll receive the link in the first email that's sent to you when you register.